What to do before a dentist appointment


What to do before a dentist appointment

At least for the majority of people, going to the dentist isn’t the most pleasant experience. When the trip to your dentist is getting closer, you maybe wondering  how to prepare for your visit.  Here you will take some advice on what  to do before visiting your dental visit.

Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing before your dental appointment allows your dentist to assess you oral hygiene technique. If improvement is necessary, your dentist and hygienist will demonstrate the oral hygiene techniques and will point out areas of your mouth that may require extra attention during brushing and flossing. It is important to brush and floss before your dental visit the same way you do daily in order for your dentist to assess if extra help and advice is necessary.

Stay positive

Most people don’t look forward to their visit at the dentist and postpone their appointment until a problem becomes so serious that the tooth might need complex and expensive treatment or even extraction. 

While KF Dental offers convenient emergency service at our Leith Links practice with late evening and Saturday appointments and a number of solutions like root canal treatment, crowns and dental implants to restore your smile after you’ve damaged or lost teeth, we believe in preventing such issues by advising our patients to attend regularly for their oral assessment.

Why do I need to visit my dentist so often if I don’t have pain?

  • Your dentist will assess your oral health and can diagnose a variety of potential problems such as tooth decay, oral cancer or gum disease.
  • Your hygiene appointment is equally important. Plaque and calculous should frequently be removed in order to prevent gum inflammation and bleeding that could lead to reduction of the supporting bone and eventually tooth loss.
  • Also to keep your teeth white you could ask your dentist or the hygienist to do the Air-Flow stain removal especially if you are a smoker or you drink lots of coffee and wine.

Because dental problems can happen without symptoms, it is essential to keep your bi-annual check up. If a problem is spotted it can be treated at the early stages. If on the other hand no treatment is necessary you will leave the practice with plaque free and brighter smile.

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