The Wand®- Painless Anaesthesia

The Wand Painless Anaesthesia

The Wand®- Painless Anaesthesia

One of the most common forms of dental phobia is the fear of needles. Often, it’s the memories of being a child and having a dentist come at you with a big needle that cause anxiety. Although dentistry has changed a lot during the last decades the traditional dental syringe has never really changed much in its design over the years. The main syringe design was first used in 1844! So you could say it’s about time something new arrived on the scene…

Many patients believe that it is the actual needle that causes the pain during the anesthesia. Certainly, a needle can cause slight discomfort, but it is the anesthetic being delivered in the tissues that creates the pain caused by injections. A lot of discomfort from the injection is caused by expansion of tissue when the anesthetic is delivered.

The solution would be a system that controls the flow of anesthetic and delivers it at the perfect speed with the ideal pressure. The Wand is a computer assisted anesthesia system. The flow of anesthetic is digitally-controlled which prevents the injection from being delivered too fast or too much accidentally.

Moreover, the Wand decreases anxiety because it has a very different appearance in comparison to the conventional needle and looks more like a ball point pen.

Why not all dentist use it?

As a new technology, The Wand can take a lot of time and training until it can be used properly. Many practices don’t have the time or, if they have been using conventional syringes for a long time, may not want to learn a new technique.

At KF Dental, it is our main priority to invest in new techniques and technology in order to improve your experience and reduce your discomfort and stress during your visit at the dentist.


The Wand Painless Anaesthesia The Wand Painless Anaesthesia

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