Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

root canal-treatment

root canal-treatment

Endodontic treatment, also known as root canal (treatment), is a treatment of the tooth aimed at clearing infection, as well as preventing the tooth from subsequent infection. This damage may occur for a variety of reasons such as dental decay, trauma, or failing old restorations.

The aim of the root canal treatment is to remove the bacteria from the space that exists within the roots (root canals). After the space is cleaned and shaped, the root canals are filled with a rubber-like tissue friendly material called gutta-percha. The gutta-percha is placed with an adhesive cement to ensure complete sealing of the root canals.

Is the root canal treatment painful?

Many patients are worried when they find out they need root canal treatment. The main reason is that root canal treatment is associated with pain and possible loss of the tooth. In the vast majority of cases, the root canal treatment involves little or no discomfort. Cleaning the root canals may cause some slight tenderness but usually over-the-counter pain killers alleviate the discomfort.

Very rarely the area might get swollen and in this case antibiotic cover is necessary. The alternative of the root canal treatment is extraction of the tooth. The tooth loss of could create a functional and an aesthetic problem and its replacement involves most of the times more complex and expensive treatment such as a bridge, denture or implant.

I had a root canal treatment in the past but I eventually lost the tooth.


The root canal treatment can have a success rate of 90% if carried out to a good standard and followed by a good permanent restoration and with good care and hygiene your tooth may last a lifetime. It is important to have good oral hygiene and keep your regular check ups so if a problem occurs it can be diagnosed at an early stage.

Problems can occur if the tooth develops decay or the tooth restoration fails, or on occasions that despite good care the tooth may not heal as expected. Frequent x-rays are also necessary to assess the healing of the infection.

At KF Dental the latest techniques and equipment such as dental microscope and dental laser are used and our patients have had their unfavourable opinion of the root canal changed after their treatment.

If you have symptoms or you have been advised that you need a root canal treatment, please book an appointment and we would be able to answer all your questions and advise you which treatment would be the ideal in your case.

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