Patient Smile Gallery Leith Edinburgh

Implant retained crown and veneers

Three veneers and the implant supported crown were replaced. A full ceramic crown was used to give the best aesthetic outcome

Dental Implants, front teeth

Two implants were used to replace the missing upper front teeth

Dental Implants, back teeth

The missing premolar and molar were replaced with implants.

Dental Implants, lower overdenture

Two implants were used to improve the stability and the retention of the lower denture. Implants are the treatment of choice to improve the retention of loose dentures

Tooth wear

Worn teeth were restored with crowns and white filling material (composite) build ups. An increasingly common dental problem, tooth wear can result in sharp and sensitive teeth which may look shorter and lead to self-consciousness for many patients. Even chewing can become a problem and patients often experience jaw and muscle discomfort. While tooth decay and gum disease appear to be on the decrease, tooth wear is on the increase with over three quarters of adults having some form of tooth wear.

Modern diets which contain higher levels of acidic food and drinks such as fruit juices and sparkling drinks has been shown to be a major factor for tooth erosion. Eating disorders and stressful lifestyles can also increase tooth wear through stomach acid regurgitation and tooth grinding.

An early diagnosis is essential so that simpler treatment such as mouth guards can be provided. In some cases, more complex treatment might be necessary in order to restore
the shape of the teeth.