Keeping your denture clean



Keeping your denture clean

A removable denture can be a predictable method to replace your missing teeth either as a permanent solution or a temporary treatment before the final replacement of your teeth with bridge or implants.

Just like natural teeth, your dentures collect bits of food, plaque and tartar. By keeping them clean you can prevent decay of the remaining natural teeth and bone loss due to gum disease that could potentially lead to tooth loss. Dirty dentures can also affect the soft tissues in your mouth (palate, tongue, gums) and cause inflammation, swelling, discomfort and oral thrush.

How do I look after my dentures?

– It is safer to clean your dentures over a basin of water, so it does not break if you drop it.

– Brush all the surfaces of your denture daily. You can use a soft or medium toothbrush as a hard toothbrush could scratch your denture. You can either use your normal toothpaste or soap and water. It is important to avoid abrasive toothpastes, such as toothpaste for whitening, that could affect the surfaces of your denture. Then rinse your denture.

– Keep your denture in a denture-soaking solution when you are not wearing it. These solutions are mild disinfectants available at chemists’ shop.

– Ideally, dentures should be left out of your mouth for at least four hours per day. However, of you find this impractical or embarrassing, you should still make sure you clean your denture at least twice a day.

Good oral hygiene and frequent appointments with your dentist for your regular assessment and scaling can keep both your denture and your remaining natural teeth in good condition and prevent caries, gum disease and oral thrush.

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