Dental Implants Leith Edinburgh

Dental Implants Leith Edinburgh

If you lost your teeth due to caries, accident or gum disease dental implants offer the closest substitute for natural teeth and allow you to eat and smile with confidence.


3D xrays in combination with digital impressions of your teeth are used to determine the number, the appearance and the ideal position of your implants.

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The implanted tooth is secured permanently in place using a small titanium insert that acts like an artificial root. After a short period of healing impressions are taken and the new crown is attached on the top giving you a smile that looks and functions naturally. If you have multiple missing teeth a bridge can be secured on dental implants. Implants can also stabilise your dentures so they feel more retentive when you eat or talk.

Advantages of dental implants:

  • They are fixed restorations that are secure and retentive, improving your speech and chewing ability
  • Implant treatment is a more conservative treatment compared to bridges; it is not necessary to file down the teeth on either side of the gap for crowns to support a bridge
  • They do not transfer any stresses to adjacent teeth
  • Implants prevent the teeth from moving towards the gap minimising the risk of localised gum disease and caries
  • Preserve the jawbone that otherwise would shrink away after a tooth loss
Upper incisors replaced with implants

After being trained in implant dentistry at Royal London Hospital, Dr Trocka and Dr Pappas have been working in private multidisciplinary practices in London and the South East where they had been treating patients referred for implant treatment.

Their knowledge and experience in different fields of implant dentistry ensures that your treatment is carried out the highest standard.


At KF Dental the latest 3D technology is used to assess the position and the appearance of your implant. A 3D scan of your jaw along with digital impressions of your teeth are used to plan your treatment. Based on the findings your implant is placed in the ideal position offering the best functional and aesthetic outcome.

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