Crowns Leith Edinburgh

Crowns Leith Edinburgh

A crown is a shell that fits over a tooth. The crown is custom made by a dental technician and is held in place with dental adhesive or cement.

Crowns are primarily designed to improve the structural integrity of teeth that have been weakened by large cavities, fractures, tooth surface wear or large fillings. A crown is also necessary after a root canal treatment in order to protect the tooth from fracture. Having the crown fit over and around the core of the tooth helps to hold the tooth intact.

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Although until recently the main options were either metal or metal ceramic crowns, the recent progress in dental materials and techniques allows you to chose from a variety of options depending on your aesthetic and functional needs such as metal free crowns, inlays and onlays.

During your first visit the dentist will examine the remaining healthy tooth and will take an x-ray in order to assess if a crown is necessary. The tooth will be prepared to the correct shape and the impression will be sent to the laboratory in order to fabricate the crown. In case of severe fracture of the tooth a post might be necessary to support the crown.

There are different available materials for the construction of the crown. Under NHS the posterior teeth can only be restored with full metal crowns. A “white” crown can be either metal-ceramic or metal free full ceramic.

The metal ceramic is constructed with a metal core which is covered by ceramic that matches the colour of your teeth. The main disadvantage of the metal ceramic crowns is the exposure of the metal around the edge of the crown especially in cases of gum recession. A more aesthetic option is the full ceramic crown. These are made purely from ceramic with no metal base. The main advantage of the full ceramic crown is that they are made of translucent material that blends in well with the natural teeth giving an excellent aesthetic result. Most of the full ceramic crowns are designed and constructed digitally ensuring an ideal fit on the prepared tooth.

During your second appointment your dentist will assess the fit of the crown, the appearance and the bite and the crown is cemented on the tooth. With good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist the crown is a predictable treatment with good long term success rate.

If you have any questions regarding a tooth that needs a crown or if you are not happy with the appearance of your crowns please call the practice to make an appointment: 0131 554 5028

Call the practice to make an appointment : 0131 554 5028